NEO Delegates for Terra Madre Honored Tonight at Cleveland City Hall

On Monday, November 29, at 7 pm, please join the City of Cleveland as we celebrate, congratulate, and show our great gratitude for the three people who participated from Cleveland, Ohio, with 500 international colleagues, at this years amazing Terra Madre in Italy.

Karen Small, Virginia Houston, and Peter McDermott were selected among thousands, and they did us all so proud and continue to promote the ideals of agricultural, culinary, and social justice in their daily lives well lived.
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Brookings Institution Research Finds 1 in 9 Cleveland Metro Residents Have Limited Access to Supermarkets

The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) and The Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program released a supermarket access study of ten metro areas in the United States in mid-October.  The Cleveland metro area was one of their ten target communities.  The study mapped full-service grocery stores, population density, and car ownership in the ten communities.  In Cleveland, the research by Brookings and TRF found that one in nine or 11.3% of Cleveland metro residents lives in a low access... Read more »

Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone Announced in Cleveland's Kinsman Neighborhood

Several federal, state, and local officials were on hand Wednesday in Cleveland's Kinsman neighborhood to announce the development of an Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone on several acres near East 83rd Street and Kinsman Avenue.  This announcement is the culmination of the work of several different organizations in Cleveland.... Read more »

City Council Changes Residential Zoning to Support Urban Agriculture

On October 4, 2010, Cleveland City Council passed amendments to the One-Family Residential zoning code that include urban agriculture as a priniciple use of a vacant residential lot in an 18-1 vote.  Previously, agriculture was only allowed as an accessory use.... Read more »

Website Re-Launch!

Hi everyone, welcome to the revamped FPC website.

As you can see, we have a new logo and a new aesthetic.  A million thanks to graphic designer Brian Bornhoeft and web developer Jeff Schuler, respectively.  You won't find better people to work with IMHO, and I think the quality of their work speaks for itself.... Read more »

Presentation of the NEO Local Food Assessment & Plan

I've just added two events pages as save-the-dates for our two-part unveiling of the conclusions of the Northeast Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan:... Read more »