Community Food Assessment WG Minutes 2007-10-18

Working Group(s): 
Community Food Assessment
Meeting Day and Time: 
October 18, 2007 - 12:00pm

Cleveland Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition

Working Group: Community Food Assessment

Meeting Minutes 10-18-07

Chair: Christopher Norman

Members: Kristen Ciofani; Nadia El-Shaarawi; Claire Kilbane; Joe Konen; Brad Masi; Chris Norman; Jennifer Scofield; Anne Stahlheber; Morgan Taggart; Megan Thomas

Present: Kristen Ciofani; Nadia El-Shaarawi; Claire Kilbane; Brad Masi; Chris Norman; Jennifer Scofield. 

Here are the notes that I have from our meeting, please include anything that I missed in an email response or bring them to our next meeting. 

I am attaching the current draft of the CFA outline.  Please refer to it and make suggestions for its usability.  We have captured much of this information in that document.  Perhaps we need to take pieces of it out to focus in depth. 

At the meeting we were asked to follow a list of 5 criteria during the CCCFPC meeting. 

  1. Briefly describe current challenges and opportunities within this particular component of the CCCFPC.

We identified

  • Funding
  • Information gathering (knowing what is out there that already addresses topics we are concerned about for a community food assessment (CFA))
  • Identify what original data we need to collect
  • Identify the criteria of places to start conducting neighborhood level case study.  One place I suggested was East Cleveland, and Jennifer mentioned the need to include neighborhoods from Cleveland proper as well (especially Steps neighborhoods)
  • Underserved versus well-served communities identified by how the food security issue is working in the neighborhood, to better understand how to improve the food insecure areas
  • Talk to farmers to identify their challenges to meeting more of the demand in food insecure neighborhoods
  • Examine the alternatives to farmers markets in increasing the local food system access.  Can better distribution improve the points of access in food insecure areas?
  • Job and economic development opportunities in food security for Cleveland and Cuyahoga County
  1. Define goals, activities and outputs for the coming year.
    • Maps and visual representation of the topics regarding food security in our study area.
    • Focus on underserved community solutions, areas where we can make an impact now and in the long term
    • Define the economic development opportunity and make the connections to capture it in underserved communities – through entrepreneurship, job training, job creation, and redirecting of existing food related funds toward food security systems
  1. Identify any additional areas of expertise that would aid the group in meeting its goals.

·         Researchers who can use qualitative and quantitative methods to capture the data and put a face on the issues surrounding food security.

·         Technical support to create a questionnaire for the CCCFPC website so that visitors can record their own food security testimonials. 

·         Each member should evaluate the resources from their work or other contacts and bring their information to the areas of the study.  A list has been started taking the information by topic and CCCFPC members have been placed (by Chris) under the categories as resource people.  That list needs to be refined.

  1. Select co-convener(s) for the working group.

·         Chris Norman volunteered to continue to convene the group, Claire Kilbane offered to host the next meeting. 

·         If others would like to share the work more closely, please say so. :  )

  1. Brainstorm potential meeting topics and corresponding speakers for the coming year. 

We did not do this, but can at our next meeting.