NEXT AMERICAN CITY - Cleveland's Comeback: Reimagining the City from the Ground Up

Many powerful tools, collaborations and projects under the umbrella of how to make a shrinking city more sustainable are emerging. For example, Cleveland is one of the only cities in the country to have approved an urban garden zoning overlay, a response to local food advocates who wanted to protect community gardens from being destroyed by developers. And last year advocates won a hard-fought battle for an ordinance allowing city residents to raise chickens, bees and even cows and goats in their backyards. Last August, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson embraced sustainability at a summit where 700 participants, from CEOs to high school students, created an agenda for rethinking land, transportation and food as “an economic engine to empower a green city on a blue lake.” The city is recognizing that its vacant land is not a source of shame, but a resource to tap.

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