Use of Ohio Direction Card (EBT) at Many Farmers Markets Increases with Incentive Program

In the second year of The EBT Incentive Program, developed by Ohio State Extension and the Health and Nutrition Work Group of the FPC with support from several foundations, 17 farmers' markets in Cuyahoga County were able to increase consumption of fresh, local and healthy food for many Ohio Direction Card customers.

Participating markets in the 2011 Incentive Program gave an additional five dollars for every customer electing to spend five dollars of their EBT benefits at the market each time they visited. Every market also administered customer surveys to collect more information on common modes of transportation to the markets and to identify the most effective promotion strategies for the program. Much of this data culiminates in this report, resulting in recommendations for the 2012 program and implications for improving access to healthy food sold at farmers' markets for food assistance recipients, like Ohio Direction Card customers.

Look out for more information posted by FPC for the 2012 EBT Incentive Program!

Working Group(s): 
Health & Nutrition