Website Re-Launch!

Hi everyone, welcome to the revamped FPC website.

As you can see, we have a new logo and a new aesthetic.  A million thanks to graphic designer Brian Bornhoeft and web developer Jeff Schuler, respectively.  You won't find better people to work with IMHO, and I think the quality of their work speaks for itself.

Beyond the visual redesign, here's a Top 10 List of new or improved facets of the site that Jeff and I have been plugging away at throughout 2010:

  1. First of all, ever wonder what the Coalition is up to these days?  Well you've come to the right place.  The purpose of our blog is to share updates on all the projects we have in progress.  Once things get wrapped up and document drafts turn into final reports, then those materials and corresponding descriptions will be added to the "static" areas of the site.  Until then stay tuned here...

  2. Head over to Resources > Documents to peruse our updated archive of disseminable FPC-related documents.  Remember when you used to have to email Morgan to get these kinds of things?  Not anymore: one-stop shop.

  3. Lists are nice, I like lists.  But isn't it nice sometimes to learn about things in context?  That's why we created narrative descriptions of the work the Coalition has helped accomplish in its 3+ years and embedded in there links to all the relevant documents and online articles.  You can view these in terms of the working group topics (e.g. Health & Nutrition, Local Purchasing, etc.).  And if you prefer lists, you can view everything by the type of work (e.g. policy, research, etc.) in the new Results area.

  4. Want to get a better sense of what the FPC is working on and how you can get involved?  Perhaps the best way would be to come to one of our events, be it a Quarterly Forum or a Special Event.  Now on these pages you'll be able to see not just the what/when/where but also any related documents (i.e. agendas and minutes) and in some cases pics and other tidbits of info.

  5. Ever wonder exactly what the Coalition really does - or how to explain it to someone who's not aware?  It's fairly complex.  Head over to the About page for the most succinct yet comprehensive explanation yet, with lots of hyperlinks to any area of interest.

  6. Most of us working in food system reform have drank the Kool-Aid.  Not literally of course (for shame!), but we sometimes take for granted what we're working toward and what we're working against.  We thought it would be good to provide more of a grounding about why it's important to relocalize our food system so fresh, healthy food is affordable and available to all - check it out in About > Why Focus on Local Food?

  7. All this content is great, but of course a picture can say a thousand words.  We asked local food systems maven Brad Masi if he might be interested in donating some pics from his extensive self-snapped collection for the site - to our delight he agreed!  In fact, he threw in some great City Fresh pictures from another great area photographer, Maurice Small.  I rounded things out with some Cleveland-y pics from my archives as well.

  8. Even though we don't always get mentioned by name, projects where the Coalition assists get a lot of recognition in local media and even sometimes in national publications.  Links to such articles are contextualized within narrative descriptions of the results we've helped achieve to date (like with documents, as mentioned in #2).  But we thought it would also be handy to be able to browse through an index of these articles and have the most recent ones highlighted on the front page.

  9. Speaking of the front page... Hopefully you've already noticed that it's undergone a complete makeover, now giving you immediate access to what we think will be of most interest: About the Coalition, Upcoming Events, Working Groups, the Blog, FPC in the News, and Resources.

  10. And for our final item we just want to give a shout-out to two sites in the local food ecosystem that relate to and expound upon our site in so many ways: Local Food Cleveland and the NEO Food Web.  LFC is the premiere place for local food social networking, both online and at area events.  The Food Web is new on the scene but is packed with fresh video content and is the place to participate in surveys and preview findings of the Northeast Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to see how our site can assist in your efforts.  I truly hope you find it to be informative and enjoyable to use.  Have any feedback?  david [dot] pearl [at] case [dot] edu (Drop me a line).