Strategic Planning Update – Check Out Data About The FPC!

Above see an image from the FPC Strategic Planning Retreat, as well as a graphic of the most popular terms that came up when FPC strategic planning retreat attendees were asked to define FPC’s values, and core attributes.

Early this month, the Food Policy Coalition convened with 30 of its most engaged members and stakeholders at a strategic planning retreat to strategize key future directions and focus areas for the coalition. This retreat was part of a larger strategic planning process, aimed at helping the coalition define the value that they create, and how to best specifically leverage and create systems level change in the food system of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and Northeast Ohio. This important process will hopefully provide the coalition with some insights into places for structural development and leadership development, as well as some great project and policy goal areas to concentrate on in the next 3 – 5 years.

As a part of this strategic planning process, the Food Policy Coalition Strategic Planning Team conducted nearly 30 interviews with key stakeholders across the food system, and administered a survey to all FPC members via our newsletter email list serve, providing a total of 45 survey responses. Reports were created from both the survey and interview data, which help to shed some light on the perceptions on the FPC of our members and key stakeholders.

During the next steps of this strategic planning process, the strategic planning team will review all of the good work done at the retreat, and begin to formulate a strategic plan for the FPC. This plan will be available for review and input to both the retreat attendees, as well as anyone of FPC’s members, or interested individuals that would like to play a part in creating the future of FPC.