FPC Releases Community Food Guide

The newly released FPC Community Food Guide provides local residents and families with a comprehensive overview of healthy and local food in Cuyahoga County, including useful tips for buying and eating healthy and local food on a budget, fun activities for families and communities that will excite kids to try new fruits and vegetables, and a guide to buying seasonal Ohio fruits and vegetables. Also included are weekly meal plan and shopping list templates as well as Farmers’ Market and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) listings.  

One of the most important functions of the guide is to bust myths about healthy and local food. There exists a common misconception that healthy food costs too much, especially fruits and vegetables. This is not the case! If you buy what’s in season and store your food correctly, it is possible to eat healthy, fresh and even local food on a budget. Click on the link above to learn more! Print your own copy at home or pick one up at your local farmers’ market.

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Health & Nutrition
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Local Purchasing