Farm Bill Update - Will Be Pushed Back Until 2014

In another twist of Farm Bill fate, the bill remains un-passed as congress adjourns for their holiday break. Although the bill is more than 1 year over-due, the Senate and House were still unable to reach a compromise on the Farm Bill by the 2013 year’s end. Hanging in the balance are crop subsidy programs, land conservation programs, as well as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), whose funding has been strung along with a series of extensions and emergency funding streams. Market analysts are also concerned that milk prices will spike if a Farm Bill is not passed by mid-January. The major point of contention between the House and Senate in passing the bill is the degree to which SNAP should be cut. The Senate proposed $4 billion in cuts, while the House proposed nearly $40 billion. It is likely that the cuts of the final Farm Bill will be more in line with those of the Senate. Farm Bill Conferees are hopeful that a decision will be reached by early January, leading to a bipartisan-passed 2014 Farm Bill. To learn more, check out these great articles: Farm Bill Won’t Be Approved Until January | Conference Committee Sees Progress, But No Farm Bill Vote Until 2014 | Farm Bill Falls Victim To Polarization, Gridlock In Washington