Congratulations to South Euclid School District, 2014 USDA F2S Grant recipients!

Yesterday, the USDA shared a press release detailing the recipients of the 2014 Farm to School grants provided to districts across the US. In Cuyahoga County, South Euclid recieved a large implementation grant that will help them build on their current efforts to source locally grown food for their students' meals. Last year, Cleveland Metropolitan School District received the Farm to School grant from USDA for a planning grant that established OSUE and FPC as partners.


The breakdown of the nationwide recipients reads for South Euclid as:The South Euclid Lyndhurst Project (Cuyahoga County's first farm to school program) will continue to make the healthy choice the easy choice for students in the South Euclid Lyndhurst School District. Over 24 months, the South Euclid Lyndhurst Project will continue to increase the quality and variety of locally procured offerings; establish new procurement methods; assist with capital investment in kitchen infrastructure needs; and launch a social marketing campaign. 

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Health & Nutrition