Cleveland Metropolitan School District partners with FPC to monitor food waste

FPC wrapped up the last of May in school! In partnership with CMSD Nutrition Services, FPC completed over 100 surveys at seven CMSD schools across the district. The surveys were designed to monitor waste and student receptivity to the new breakfast menu options based on what was thrown away whole or partially consumed. For this, we did resort to diving into trash cans for any quick tosses! Hey-we are committed! These new options have recently been adopted by CMSD to meet federal standards outlined in the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. All schools receiving federal assistance for food purchases in free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs must comply with USDA, while still meeting cost restrictions and making students happy. To learn more about how schools are coping with this policy and how USDA has aided in this policy implementation, read more here. While the final results of the survey are not available, FPC noted that whole and fresh fruit menu items were consistently on the menu. Issues regarding waste of these items, such as preparation of whole fruits for easier consumption, should be explored further. CMSD has already committed resources to help Nutrition Staff prep whole produce using produce peelers and cutters to make the options easier to eat for younger students.