Cleveland City Council Introduces Healthy Cleveland Resolution

The City of Cleveland and Mayor Frank Jackson have set some big, audacious policy goals for 2011 that could impact the health of Cleveland residents for years to come.  Introduced on Monday night, the Healthy Cleveland Resolution (No. 257-11), proposes sweeping changes that could improve access to healthy food, limit access to unhealthy food, increase physical activity, provide comprehensive support for residents with mood and behavioral disorders, and offer smoking cessation programs. 

The Healthy Cleveland Resolution is an initiaitive led by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Cleveland City Council, and the four major hospital systems in the region; MetroHealth Hospital, Saint Vincent's Charity Hospital, University Hospitals, and Cleveland Clinic.  Resolution 257-11 was co-sponsored by Council Members Joe Cimperman, Kevin Conwell, Martin Sweeney, and Matt Zone. 

The resolution outlines a detailed food policy agenda that hopes to achieve the following:

  • Remove all sugar-based drinks and trans-fats from vending machines in all city facilities and replace them with water, 100% juice, and trans-fat free foods
  • Encourage local restaurants to remove trans-fats from their menus
  • Establish a task force to provide healthier food options within Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Require all new school construction plans to include a full-service kitchen to prepare healthier food
  • Reincorporate school gardens into every new school plan
  • Ensure the existence of a community garden within walking distance of every Cleveland citizen by 2020

Councilman Cimperman anticipates that this resolution will generate up to 10 pieces of legislation that will be introduced to city council commitees this spring.  The FPC will post upcoming meetings and commitee hearings related to this resolution on our website to help keep everyone informed.

This is an amazing and critical opportunity for Cleveland, its residents, and major institutions to work together to become a healthier community.