Brookings Institution Research Finds 1 in 9 Cleveland Metro Residents Have Limited Access to Supermarkets

The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) and The Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program released a supermarket access study of ten metro areas in the United States in mid-October.  The Cleveland metro area was one of their ten target communities.  The study mapped full-service grocery stores, population density, and car ownership in the ten communities.  In Cleveland, the research by Brookings and TRF found that one in nine or 11.3% of Cleveland metro residents lives in a low access area (LAA) and 236,000 residents live in low-moderate income communities with low access to a full service supermarket.  TRF and Brookings used Consumer Expenditure Survey data to estimate the leakage of supermarket expenditures in each community.  In the Cleveland metro area they estimate a loss of $508 million in supermarket expenditures in low-moderate income communities

There is a great video called "Getting to Market" on The Brookings Institution's website about the study and additional information about specific Greater Cleveland neighborhoods is available through an interactive map at the The Redevelopment Fund.  The map provides additional information and a pdf report for each LAA cluster in the Cleveland metro area.  Check out this great resource!